Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dobr deň (Good day)

Ahoj parentals,

                Today we ventured into the heart of Slovakia, and got to see what Slovakia really is about. We drove about 34.5 kilometers give or take to not only Slovakia but literally the center of Europe. We went into the market center and there were a variety of shops (almost like the Del Mar Fair). We walked around for a little then went into the Museum of Mining and Coin. It was pretty gnarly, I’m just talking for myself but I literally didn’t know anything about Slovakia and to see everything we saw in the museum helped me get a broader understanding of this beautiful country. Then we drove up a hill where we saw the center of Europe, we know it was the center because the rock said so. After that we went to a Castle-Church, it was beautiful. It had stain glass windows everywhere and the most organs I have ever seen in my life. We climbed up the Bell Tower, which was like 80.03 meters. When we reached the top Drew almost peed his pants and just laid there. Then after we got done there we were all borderline starving so we went down south a little bit, I really don’t know where we went I was sleeping, but we found this restaurant that served the driest worst steak in the world. But hey it was food and they made good bacon. We came home and now that leaves me to this point. Jim is telling me to stop so this is it.

Love you guys,

Your favorites, Brandon and Dylan

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