Friday, July 27, 2012

Thursday, July 26

So today was pretty cool. We did a lot of tourist stuff like seeing the gothic era and renaissance era churches in different villages. Our lunch was awesome too. It was bread and duck liver…tooootally yummy. Not. The other kids seem to get our humor more and more each day which makes it easier to get pass the language barrier. We also saw some rare caves in a national monument area. It was also Jim’s great idea to not bring jackets so the majority of us walked around with goose bumps, but it ended up not being that bad. After dinner, we all sat around a camp fire and played mafia. The other kids seemed to think it was fun and it was, but it made me miss good old Aaron. King of Mafia. Haha it was nice to see everyone around the fire and have some fun. As of now Alana and I are tucked into my blankie listening to some T. Swift because YES JIM, SHE IS AWESOME. We have devotions in like five minutes so I end this saying we miss you all and we ask for your prayers for a safe travels so we can get back to our lovely fans back home. J Oh and shout out to Roxanne for being our group mom. She’s doing an awesome job and we all love her. <33333

-Erica Kiesow.

PS – This is Jim. I told them all to bring their jackets for the cave but I am sure you know your kids and can guess which ones didn’t listen to me.   

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