Friday, July 20, 2012

Well parents and friends,

We have officially made it to Dobrac, Slovakia.  Flights were all really good and right on time.  Pastor Ivan meet us at the airport and drove us into Slovakia.  We had a great dinner this evening and now have departed to our different places for much needed sleep.  All the girls are at one home with Roxanne.  I have Drew and Kyle with me in a flat and then the older boys are staying in part of Pastor Ivan's home.  It will all be great. 

First impressions of Hungary and Slovakia are how green it is here.  Beautiful countryside that reminded many of us of Minnesota without the mosquitos and no humidity.  Just gorgeous!!

I am ready to get some sleep.  We have a recooperation day tomorrow with some sightseeing and hiking. 


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  1. So happy that you made it safe. Enjoy your time. Hi Rox! :)-Sandy