Friday, July 27, 2012

Monday, July 23

Hey everyone!

Jake and Drew here to tell you about our first day here at the camp, Monday, July 24th. We woke up earlier in the morning, once we made it through a 45 minute car ride with one of the craziest drivers in Slovakia we finally made it to the camp. We got settled in with our luggage and stuff and proceeded to meet the kids. We played some name games to get to know the kids in our groups. We then quizzed the kids to separate them into 4 groups based on skill level. We then had our first English lesson with the kids, which seemed to go pretty well. We had a lot of free time on our hands afterwards, so we played games with the kids and had conversations with them in English. The night ended with some more fun games and singing. WE are very tired now, so we will be going to bed. Peace out!

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