Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday and Saturday, July 27,28

Hey all,

This is Jim and I am going to sum up our last day at camp and our adventures today.

Camp ended yesterday at noon and I think everything went really well there.  The kids did a great job in teaching their English class and doing there crafts.  I think they represented the US and Community Lutheran very well.

After we left the camp, we headed back to our home base of Dobrac for a little relaxing before we headed to the major city in central Slovakia of Banska Bystrica.  There they had a huge mall and the kids were able to do a little shopping and learn about Euro prices vs US prices.  Some of us got KFC for dinner which was a nice rememberance of home.  After dinner we walked through the city and got into a very European central square that was beautiful.  Great fountain and we took alot of pics there. 

Saturday was a great day for hiking as we got up and headed up to a fortress on top of a hill.  It was quite a climb but we made it to the top and had a lot of fun in some fortress ruins.  We then got some pizza for lunch and had a chance to talk with a very famous swordmaker here in Slovakia.  He showed us some of his swords and how he makes them.  He had just recently made a ceremonial knife for Prince Charles.  It was pretty cool.  It is just before dinner time and the kids are all at their houses probably sleeping.  We are having dinner at 6:30 and then rumor has it a Lord of the Rings marathon.  The house I am in has a DVD player, a nice TV and the movies in English with no subtitles. 

The trip has been great but we are reaching that point in every trip when we are starting to pick at each other and are ready to come home.  It always happens when you spend so much time with each othere.  We head to Budapest tomorrow, have a sightseeing day there Monday and then fly home on Tuesday.  Peace to all.


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