Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hey parents,

This is Jim writing the blog tonight.  We left Pastor Ivan's house and have to get an early start tomorrow morning to head out to the camp so it was easier that I just write tonight and then the kids will be back tomorrow night.

This morning we had worship with Pastor Ivan at his church.  Very small, old church that sits on a hill surrounded by a cemetary.  The church was originally built in the 1300's but it has gone through a couple of refurbishings but is still very old.  Holds about 50-75 people so it was pretty full this morning with us there.  Alana and Jake sang Amazing Grace for the congregation and I got to share a little about what we were doing there.  There is a pic of the group in front of the altar at the church.

That afternoon we got to go to Hvad Divin which is a town that has the old remains of a castle fortress.  It was like a giant playground.  We didn't have guardrails or anything and were able to climb over all kinds of rocks and walls of this old fortress  It was pretty cool and the highlight of day for most of us.

Tonight we had a BBQ dinner with the program team for the English camp we are starting tomorrow.  That should be a good week full of challenges.  I look forward to seeing our kids shine as they talk and share about Jesus with these Slovakian teenagers.  It will be an awesome week.  They will right more tomorrow night.  Peace to all.


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